From an array of news articles, arts and entertainment articles, photographs and more, this blog showcases all work by Erin Drummond, a multimedia journalist. On favored or particularly difficult articles, a short paragraph was written to quickly detail the work as well as describe what process went into creating it. This content can be found on the “featured” tab.

All content is by Erin Drummond.


Currently, Drummond serves on The Daily Athenaeum’s leadership team as a managing editor. Over the summer, she worked as a staff writer for NCWV Media’s newspapers, specifically The Fairmont News and The Exponent Telegram. Drummond worked as the culture section editor at The Daily Athenaeum during her junior year of college and is also a published writer for the HerCampus chapter of WVU.


A senior at West Virginia University, Erin Drummond is a print journalism student with a minor in creative writing. Along with employment at the student newspaper, Drummond held leadership roles (including President) in the community service sorority, Omega Phi Alpha and was a member of the Ed on Campus and HerCampus organizations. Drummond will graduate from WVU in May 2018.